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In addition, the upgrade allows you to choose your custom subdomain, instead of a random one assigned automatically. Custom subdomains make your shop not only look more professional but to rank higher in search engines.

Right now your store already looks awesome, but why not make it look different than the stores of those people who did not get PRO upgrade. With PRO you get access to 3 more shop templates to change the appearance of your store.

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Upgrade also unlocks categories. Separating prompts for AI like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion make them easier to find, which translates to more sales. Plus and extra keywords in the URL can help with search engine optimization even more.

To make it even better you will get access to the “Feature Prompts” feature which allows you to showcase selected prompts as "Featured" on your store's main page. Usually some prompts sell better than others and those are the ones you want to feature to sell even more of them.

Connect & Convert with WhatsApp Integration and Boost Your Store's Reach with Easy-to-Use QR Codes!

With PRO Upgrade you can connect with customers via the WhatsApp module, which is super important especially for repetitive sales from the same customers. Those who already bought prompts from you are primed to keep buying and sending messages using WhatsApp will steer them back to your store. Repeated buyers are easier to convert, and with Whatsapp integration you do not need to keep paying for retargeting ads to bring them back.

With PRO you can also generate and download QR codes for easy store promotion. This is amazing for getting people to your store from literally anywhere. All people need to do is scan your QR code with their phone and they will be taken to the main page of your store.

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With PRO upgrade you can also monitor your traffic sources with Google Analytics, and focus more on the source which brings more buyers.

Last but not least, PRO unlocks import of prompt templates in bulk using CSV import, saving you time and effort of manually adding individual prompts.

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Custom subdomain Un-checked Checked
3 Extra Shop Templates Un-checked Checked
Features Prompts Un-checked Checked
Categories Un-checked Checked
Whatsapp module Un-checked Checked
QR code Un-checked Checked
Google Analytics Un-checked Checked
Bulk prompt import Un-checked Checked
Upgrade To 1,000 Prompt Listings Un-checked Checked

Limited Time Founding Members Special

PromptMerchant PRO

  • Custom subdomain
  • 3 Extra Shop Templates
  • Features Prompts
  • Categories
  • Whatsapp module
  • QR code
  • Google Analytics
  • Bulk prompt import
  • Upgrade 1,000 Prompt Listings

Regular Price - $37/Month

$37 One-Time ONLY

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